History and vision

To Promote, establish and protect the sub-lime cultural and spiritual values of life through academic excellence. To emerge as a centre of excellence in education, training & research.

A need was recognized by a few enlightened sons of the soil of North Gujarat to bring the modern and higher education within easy reach of young generation of economic social and cultural upliftment aimed at improving the quality of life in totality. The recognition of this need led to the formation  of a dream. This dream charted out a collective and a pragmatic direction to build a world class educational complex with multiple purposes to provide various social organizations and individuals an opportunity to come forward and repay their debt to the society by ‘investing’ small fraction of their prosperity for the multifold return to the generations next. A pioneering team of philanthropic and enlightened individuals leaded by Shri. Bharat Rao, Mrs. Pratima Rao and like-minded friends, soon came forward with the resolve to transform this dream, through Herculean efforts and committed dedication, into a reality.

Shri. Satsangi Saket Dham “Ram Ashram” Trust came into existence in 11th April 2001.

Managed by Shri. Satsangi Saket Dham “Ram Ashram”,  Shri. Satsangi Saket Dham is conceived as the educational township to house and nurture all sorts of institutions offering value added professional, internationally competitive and recognized programs on one hand, and on another hand institutions of primary and secondary education with sound foundations of learning and enculturation of orient values essentially Indian in spirit and heritage.

Shri. Satsangi Saket Dham is located at Vadasma village in Mehsana district of North Gujarat.

Some of the aims of the trust include:

  • To spread feeling of secularism.
  • To establish, maintain and help medical care centers, care centers, blood banks, hospitals etc.
  • To do cultural and educational activities. To establish hostels, primary schools, pre-primary schools and institutions for higher and technical education.

We committed to develop confidentiality, good service, sacrifice, integrity & responsibility in future generation.


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